Most precise luminosity measurements of watch components

The Phototec is a specially developed device to measure the Luminance of different objects, such as dials and hands, according to ISO 17514/ISO 3157 “Time-measuring instruments – Photoluminescent deposits – Test methods and requirements”. 

With a detection limit of 1 ncd/cm2, all watch parts featuring luminous deposits can be analyzed. The Phototec is equipped with a large-area photomultiplier feauring a photopic filter to obtain equally good luminance data for small hands and large dials. It is calibrated using a C-14 calibration source officially verified by METAS. The provided software allows the customized acquisition of luminance data and offers processing of the data into brightness decay curves or easy export of the data as Microsoft Excel, Word or XML file. The Phototec can be equipped with different sample holders for dials or for 1 cm2 ISO-Norm samples. The sample holders are placed on a vertically adjustable stage to cope with the different designs of luminous elements and to ensure a high measurement quality for our customers.

Operating SystemWindows 7
Connection portRS232
Detection limit1 ncd/cm2