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Manifold Technology


RC TRITEC started Tritium Labelling of Organic Compounds in glass vacuum lines in the late fifties. Faced with the risks of tritium leakage, sticking stopcocks, breaking glass, etc. associated with glass manifolds, we decided to develop and produce Tritiation Manifold Systems designed specifically to make Tritium Labelling as simple and safe as possible.


More than 40 years' practical labelling experience and steady cooperation with leading experts in tritium-labelling has continuously improved our tritiation systems.

The basic concept combined with Swiss quality has become a well-approved standard in isotope laboratories world-wide.

Tritium Manifolds:

All our Tritiation Manifolds are based on U-Bed Technology to provide fresh, He-3- free Tritium by simply heating the UT3-bed, also allowing the recovery of surplus gas after completion  of a reaction. Discharge to the environment or conversion of tritium gas into highly toxic HTO waste is a thing of the past, thanks to this new technology. A RC TRITEC unit will greatly improve the radioprotection of your workers and of the environment and will also reduce your H-3 waste problems.

14-CO2 Manifolds:

Armed with the knowledge and experience of how to handle and store radioactive gases safely, we developed a similar all stainless steel 14-CO2 manifold.

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