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Special Colours

Luminous pigments are classified by daylight or body colour and an emission-colour

which do not have to be identical.


With ISO 3157 and ISO/DIS 17514 the body-colours are standardised for timepieces:

  • C1 Colour "C1" for white
  • C3 Colour "C3" for yellow
  • C5 Colour "C5" for greenish-yellow
  • C7 Colour "C7" for blue-green


This list is not restrictive and, on agreement between the manufacturer and the user, other colours can be made available.


  • yellow
  • orange
  • red
  • green
  • blue
  • special colours

High requirement on aesthetics and fashion ask for fine-tuned Super-Luminova® colors according Pantone color chart.


RC TRITEC AG develops and supplies a wide variety of Pantone customer specified colors to fulfill your needs.


Notice: Strongly-coloured luminous pigments

show a reduced afterglow performance compared to C3.

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