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Technical Support

For more than 70 years, we have not only supplied luminous pigments but have also provided all the necessary technical support and tooling for applying our products and for controlling their quality. Our close cooperation with the Swiss- and world-wide watch industries have made us experts in this field.


Customer support:


Assistance in:

Proper selection of materials

Proper use of materials

Proper processing of materials

Achieving high quality standards

New developments

Realising your new design & production ideas

Realising new colors


Modelling of visibility in the design stage


Application technology:


Dispensing Unit


Luminising service

Binders & Varnishes

Protection coating


Quality control:


Testing according to relevant standards ISO/DIN

Lumious intensity / brightness - (low level) nCd measurements 
(Decay curves: Intensity vs. Time) of dials, hands, and other objects.

Environmental testing:

  • UV-light resistance
  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Immersion leak-testing
  • Adhesion / vibration testing
  • Tritium prototype testing according to US regulation and ENEA & IAEA standards

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