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For more than 40 years RC TRITEC has been gaining a sound experience in the safe handling of large amounts of tritium gas and in the tritium-labelling of a wide variety of organic compounds. RC TRITEC's know-how in the field of tritium-labelling business is highly appreciated by our customers all over the world.


You profit from RC TRITEC's strengths:


  • Direct contact: Our PhD radiochemists help you to find the most suitable approach to your tritium-labelling project.
  • Confidentiality: It is crucial to us that we treat your information with absolute confidentiality. We are willing to enter into a CDA with you to protect your interests.
  • Extensive expertise: We have a large portfolio of tritium-labelling methods including those using specialized tritide reagents of difficult access.
  • High quality products: Our outstanding quality is well known to our customers in industrial and academic research.
  • Bulk quantities: We are able to carry out large scale tritiations (up to multi Ci) in our facility.
  • Short delivery time: Your product will be labelled within 2 to 4 weeks.
  • Competitive prices: Ask for a quotation.

  • Worldwide shipping: We have a long experience in the shipping of radioactive products.



You profit from RC TRITEC's high quality:


  • For your safety, all our manufactured tritium-labelled products are absolutely free of labile tritium.


  • You may choose between different purity levels: We can offer you HPLC- purified products with radiochemical purities of up to 99%. We also offer the purification by TLC or FC, or you may choose to receive delivery of crude products which you can purify yourselves.  


  • We offer you the storage of H-3 or C-14 labelled compounds at low temperature (-70°C). 


If your research organization has a need for high quality tritium-labelled products, RC TRITEC will be pleased to offer you our excellence in tritium chemistry.  

RC TRITEC can help you with issues such as tritium-handling, labelling facilities, radioprotection or waste management.


That's why RC TRITEC is your labelling company.

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