Radiochemical Catalog

RC Tritec, an expert in tritium-labeling, provides high-quality tritium-labeled radiochemicals, suitable for your research, such as metabolic studies, mechanistic studies or high throughput screenings. The catalog is based on our knowledge and our constant efforts to ensure a high level of scientific research.

Our long-standing experience in tritium-labeling enables us to provide premium quality labeled radiochemicals. We guarantee a reliable biological activity as well as reproducible results. Always. RC Tritec is your partner of choice in tritium-labeling and our scientists have selected a variety of molecules, from tritiated water to complex natural products to help you with your research and addressing critical questions. Our catalog relies on actual hot topics in research and will be constantly updated. Upon your request, we are willing to include your tritium-labeled compound into our catalog to ensure a constant supply of your high quality radioligand.

Please have a look into our catalog whether your desired compound is available. Alternatively, tritium-custom synthesis is possible. We will be very pleased to help and convince you with our various labeling strategies.

All compounds are purified by HPLC and are provided together with a Certificate of Analysis and a stability declaration. We provide a fast and safe world-wide delivery of our compounds to your laboratory.


List of catalog radiochemicals available at RC TRITEC (OVERVIEW )

[H-3]1,3-Di-o-tolylguanidine  RCTT0063 
[H-3]Acetic acid, sodium salt  RCTT0411 
[H-3]AF-DX 384  RCTT0155 
[H-3]Atazanavir  RCTT0330 
[H-3]Atorvastatin, calcium salt  RCTT0540 
[H-3]Batrachotoxinin A, 20-alpha-benzoate  RCTT0532 
[H-3]Clomipramine  RCTT0470 
[H-3]Darunavir  RCTT0080 
[H-3]Digoxin  RCTT0644 
[H-3]Cis-(+)-Diltiazem  RCTT0233 
[H-3]Docetaxel  RCTT0012 
[H-3]Dofetilide (high specific activity)  RCTT0033 
[H-3]Dofetilide (low specific activity)  RCTT0034 
[H-3]Dolutegravir  RCTT0021 
[H-3]Doxorubicin  RCTT0045 
[H-3]DPCPX  RCTT0424 
[H-3]EMPA  RCTT0051 
[H-3]Fallypride  RCTT0122 
[H-3]GR 113808  RCTT0282 
[H-3]GSK1059865  RCTT0402 
[H-3]Imipramine  RCTT0518 
[H-3]Kallidin, (des-Arg10, Leu9 ) RCTT0455 
[H-3]L-655,708  RCTT0581 
[H-3]Lauric Acid  RCTT0491 
[H-3]Lopinavir  RCTT0340 
[H-3]Methylspiperone  RCTT0300 
[H-3]Muscimol  RCTT0324 
[H-3]NaBH4  RCTT1001 
[H-3]NECA  RCTT0430 
[H-3]Nisoxetine  RCTT0313 
[H-3]Nitrendipine  RCTT0006 
[H-3]Ouabain  RCTT0633 
[H-3]PBR28  RCTT0345 
[H-3]Ritonavir  RCTT0091 
[H-3]D/L-Rosiglitazone  RCTT0202 
[H-3]SB674042  RCTT0461 
[H-3]SCH 23390  RCTT0525 
[H-3]SN-38  RCTT0444 
[H-3]Spiperone RCTT0611 
[H-3]Water  RCTT0075