Customized Swiss Super-LumiNova® emission colors

For several years it has been possible to customize the daytime color of your Swiss Super-LumiNova® luminous deposit, but there has never been a wide choice of emission colors in the dark, as until now there have only been 8 different emission colors.

Starting from now, you will now have the option to customize the emission color to your needs as well: For example, do you need three different shades of pink in the dark on your dial? No problem, we will be happy to develop these emissions for you.

With an almost infinite choice of emission colors, you can now make almost all your design dreams come true.

These new afterglow colours complete our existing emission colours GL, BL, VL, WL, PL, YL, OL and UL and open up countless additional possibilities in the development of your new products.


Of course, with these new emissions, colour developments are also possible in order to adapt the daily appearance exactly to your wishes.


We shall be pleased to advise you personally or to send you samples of our latest Swiss Super-LumiNova® emission colours.