Illuminating power during the day

Our fluorescent paints are Swiss made and are among the most brilliant colors in the market

Security markings using fluorescent paints

In conditions like overcast sky, fog or twilight, the brilliance of our fluorescent paints help to maintain excellent visibility. Because of this unbeatable color effect, the fluorescent paints of RC TRITEC AG are very suitable for security markings and prevention of accidents.

Neon Colors

Our fluorescent paints cannot only be used for security markings but also for all sorts of applications where outstanding color intensity or special light effects are required. The application possibilities range from painting of cars, glowing snowboards and skis, road and ski slope markings to the decoration of discos. There are almost unlimited possible applications and use of our fluorescent paints and pigments.

Possible applications of fluorescent paints

If there is an object marking needed with an eye-catching effect, the fluorescent paints of RC TRITEC AG are the good choice. With our fluorescent paints you can give your products an enormous security surplus. Our fluorescent paints may for example be used for the following applications:

  • Markings of ski slopes and roads for snow removal 
  • Safety marks for working areas 
  • Car painting for police, fire brigade, ambulance and sea rescue 
  • Road markings in communities and towns 
  • Eye-catcher in advertising 
  • Skis and Snowboards 
  • Toys 
  • Decoration in clubs, theatres and on concerts 
  • Fluorescent elements on sporting items 
  • Carnival 
  • UV-Markings and codings

Development for new applications of fluorescent pigments

Thanks to our long time experience with luminous paints we can offer you a competent support in development of new luminous products. Our specialists will be pleased to provide advice and to take care of your entire project.


The processing of our fluorescent paint corresponds to commercially available paint. In order to achieve the full luminous intensity and brilliance, the paint should be applied on a white underground.

Our fluorescent paints are especially UV-stabilised and show less fading compared with commercially available products. This enables a longer lifetime for your application. For slope marking rods, for example, which are not permanently exposed to wind and weather, painting every second season is sufficient. This measure reduces the entire maintenance time of slope markings substantially. For protection against influence of weather and to extend the life time, a transparent protection coat might be applied.