Stable Tritium Compound

Tritium can be bound in titanium as solid TiT2 (titaniumtritide) to produce tritium sources or tritium targets. The release of tritium as T2 only occurs at high temperature, this allows a safe handling of the titaniumtritide produced by RC Tritec AG.

Such titaniumtritide targets are found in neutron tubes and as tritium-beta-emission-sources.

RC Tritec offers the impregnation of your titan layers wit tritium. If desired we also directly convey a titanium sputtering service for suitable substrate such as for example copper or molybdenum

Pure tritium or also deuterium is insterted into the given titanium layers in a high vacuum process at elevated temperatures. This method normally yields a loading of the titatnium with a 3H to Ti ratio of 1.6 to 1.7 (TiT1.6)