Lumicast Closeup Fortis



High-precision, hybrid ceramic castings made of Swiss Super-LumiNova® with maximum luminescence and reproducibility. Thanks to exact contours, uniform afterglow and a constant colour tone, Lumicast® is ideal as a design element.

Do light spots actually have to be flat? No. With Lumicast®, we have developed a process with which high-precision, hybrid ceramic castings can be produced from Swiss Super-LumiNova® in any dimensions. The high concentration of photoluminescent pigments enables maximum luminosity. 

Lumicast® is ideal as a design element. In addition to the technical appearance, the new dimensions increase the luminosity enormously, with uniform afterglow in a constant colour tone and precise contours. The finish is also freely selectable (matt or glossy, with corners or curves, steps and angles).

Recurring moulds guarantee maximum reproducibility. The sophisticated application process also minimises costs in dial production. 

All we need are the components of your watch, such as the dial and hands, and a drawing of the shape you envisage for the cast part. We manufacture the Lumicast® and apply the Swiss Super-LumiNova®.