Your consultant for Swiss Super-LumiNova® applications

We feel responsible for your final product. Therefore, we also want to assist you in the proper application of Swiss Super-LumiNova®. With our more than 80 years of experience in luminous materials and their application, we can help you to improve your product. 

Luminous decay measurements according to ISO 3157

The ISO standards 3157 and 17514 are defining the legibility of luminous deposits on watches. Our quality control laboratory is equipped with all the instruments to measure low level brightness. We can measure your luminous components to assist you in the quality control and give you some advices about the quality of your luminous deposits.

Also ageing resistance and adhesion control can be completely measured at RC Tritec AG.

Most precise luminosity measurements of watch components

The Phototec is a specially developed device to measure the Luminance of different objects, such as dials and hands, according to ISO 17514/ISO 3157 “Time-measuring instruments – Photoluminescent deposits – Test methods and requirements”.


With a detection limit of 1 ncd/cm2, all watch parts featuring luminous deposits can be analyzed. The Phototec is equipped with a large-area photomultiplier feauring a photopic filter to obtain equally good luminance data for small hands and large dials. It is calibrated using a C-14 calibration source officially verified by METAS.