Customized solutions for your luminous application

Our more than 80 years of experience with the Swiss and worldwide watch industry allowed us to become specialists in every type of luminous pigment application. Therefore we can offer a wide range of specially developed binders. High quality varnishes, especially designed for the severe requirements of the watch industry can permanently attach Swiss Super-LumiNova® pigments to any watch component.

Long-term environmental resistance against UV-/ sunlight, temperature, humidity and perfect adhesion are guaranteed. A full range of various varnishes is offered:

For different application methods

  • Stylograph (dotting, index and engraving filling, hand application of Arabic figures)
  • Silkscreen printing 
  • Transfer/ Pad printing

With different characteristics

  • Fast to slow drying 
  • Low solid to high solid content 
  • Low viscosity to high viscosity 
  • Soft and flexible to very hard 
  • Good adhesion to various substrates 
  • 1-component or 2-component system 
  • UV-curable systems 
  • Systems with no volume loss/ no shrinking after drying
  • High transparency for an excellent luminous performance