ZnS / 6LiF-screens

Most used screens with actual highest light output. They are available with two different emission wavelength (blue or green), while the green emitting type matches very good with standard CCD-camera systems.

Due to the big range of available thicknesses (50 up to 400 μm) you are able to adjust the performance of the screen perfectly to your environment. (High light output or high resolution).

New 6LiF containing scintillation screen with very high light output and outstanding radiation hardness

The permanent irradiation of the luminescent pigment with the secondary radiation generated by the converter ions (6Li, 10B or Gd) permanently disturbs the emission process and consequently the light yield of the scintillators decreases with longer use.

Within a development project with the Paul Scherrer Institute we were able to develop a novel 6-LiF based scintillator with improved radiation stability and excellent light yield. The new product (6LiF/Zn(Cd)S:Ag scintillator) shows a 50% increase in light yield after a certain time compared to the most commonly used 6LiF/ZnS:Cu scintillator. This increases the comparability of the absolute luminous efficacy, especially for long-term measurements.

Additional technical details can be found in the publication by T. Neuwirth and M. Schulz from TUM, FRM II (Garching). Here, the luminous behavior during and after irradiation with neutrons in comparison to other scintillators is described very nicely.

Standard scintillation screens based on 6-LiF / ZnS or Zn(Cd)S:

Base materialEmissionDimensionThicknessComment
6LiF / ZnS:Cu (ratio 1 / 2)530 nm (green)up to 600 x 600 mm250 up to 400 µmHigh light output and high resolution
6LiF / ZnS:Ag (ratio 1 / 2)450 nm (blue)up to 600 x 600 mm250 up to 400 µmHigh light output and high resolution
6LiF / Zn(Cd)S:Ag (ratio 1 / 2)605 nm (orange)up to 600 x 600 mm250 up to 400 µm Very high radiation hardness with outstanding light output and high resolution