Lyophilisation ampule

Lyophilisation ampule for 3/8“ Ultra-Torr Connection

Lyophilisation ampule for 3/8“ Ultra-Torr Connection Vol. ca. 25ml
Order.-Nr.: UTA-A

Reaction vessel with side arm

Reaction vessel with side arm

Reaction vessel with side arm
Order.-Nr.: SL-RG S-1 (1ml) or SL-RGS-2 (2ml)


Due to the increasing interest on reactions with LiT or reactions under inert gas and problems with the leak tightness of commercial available septum systems, we decided to develop an improved reaction vessel with side branch. It can be connected with an Ultra-Torr connection to our tritium labelling manifolds.

The reaction vessels with a volume of 1ml or 2ml (other sizes on demand) are made of pyrex glass and have an 3/8“ glass pipe connection for Ultra-Torr connections. The sealing components 1) O-Ring, 2) Kel-F support, 3) Septum guarantee a high leak tightness even after several penetrations of the septum by syringe.

glass adapter Pyrex

Glass 3/8” / NS 14.5 adapter Pyrex

Glass 3/8” / NS 14.5 adapter Pyrex
Order-Nr.: SL-GA

Reaction vessels

Reaction vessels Pyrex 3/8” Ultra-Torr connection
Order-Nr.: UT-RG-1 (1ml)
Order-Nr.: UT-RG-2 (2ml)

Micro reaction vessel Pyrex 1/4” Ultra-Torr connection
Order-Nr.: MRG-03 (0.3ml)
Order-Nr.: MRG-06 (0.6ml)

Lyophilisation ampule Pyrex

Lyophilisation ampule

Lyophilisation ampule Pyrex with 3/8” zyl. Ground glass joint (ca. 25ml)
Connection for 3/8” Swagelok
Order-Nr.: SL-A

Spare parts

spare parts
1) O-Ring (Ø 10mm)Order-Nr.:ET-R10
2) Kel-F needle support Order-Nr.:ET-NS
3) Septum (Ø 10mm)Order-Nr.:ET-SE10
4) ScrewOrder-Nr.:ET-S
5) InletOrder-Nr.:ET-I
spare parts

electric heating

Ceramic heating

Ceramic heating device with shielding

  1. Inside diameter 31mm, depth 70mm, 220V (115V), 750W 
    Order.-Nr.: HE-750 
  2. Inside diameter 20mm, depth 60mm, 220V (115V), 350W 
    Order-Nr.: HE-350

Heating coil

Heating coil

1) Inside diameter 30.5mm, depth 72mm, Outside diameter 90/90, 220 V (115V), 525W,
Order-Nr.: HER-30/525

2) Inside diameter 20.5mm, depth 71mm, Outside diameter 90/90, 325W,
Order-Nr.: HER-20/325

Destillation branch

Destillation branch

Destillation branch with Nupro bellows valve and 2x 3/8“ Ultra-Torr and ¼“m for the connection with the manifold system.
He-Leak tested.

Reaction pressure valve

Reaction pressure Valve

Reaction pressure valve (Nupro bellows valve) with pressure sensor connection and 2x ¼“m connections.

Replacement metal

Replacement metal bellow valve

Replacement metal bellow valve with 2x ¼“-f connections with subplate.

Conversion adapter

Conversion adapter

Conversion adapter ¼“ VCR-m to Ultra-Torr“ ¼ or 3/8“