Uncontrolled releases of T2, HT, HTO or organic bound Tritium to the environment must be avoided. Tritium manifold systems are normally connected to vacuum pumps and their exhaust released to the vent stack. Small or large T-activities can escape by this pathway to the environment. The “Tritium Mini Scrubber” collects all releases of manifold pumps in a buffer tank and the contents are processed batchwise over a highly efficient catalytic converter and isotopic exchange and adsorption system. Two separated loops guarantee a high retention efficiency of 105 to 106. For example buffered activities releases of some 100 GBq will be reduced to 1 MBq.

The capacity of the buffer tank is sufficient for 1 week up to 1 month operation and the scrubbing process takes 2-4 hours. The system is very simple to operate and the absorption columns can accept many TBq before they need to be exchanged.

The advantages of the Tritium mini-scrubber

  • The puffer system prevents you from uncontrolled Tritium releases to the environment.
  • Tritium releases are reduced by a factor of 105 to 106
  • Compact unit, easy to handle


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