Your Research Project - Our Tritium-Label

RC TRITEC is a well-established provider of custom-made tritium labeled compounds offering world-wide service. We have nearly 60 years of experience in the safe handling of large quantities of tritium gas. To date, more than 1 million Ci (equal to 37 PBq) of tritium gas were utilized and processed at our site.

We deliver solutions for any kind of tritium-labeling for Pharmaceutical and Animal Health clients and for the Agrochemical, Food and Cosmetic care industry, using state-of-the-art technologies. Our broad expertise in organic chemistry and tritium radiolabeling and the close cooperation with our world-wide clients ensure a fast and science-driven solution to minimize costs and guarantee the punctual delivery of the labeled compound. Direct contact with our enthusiastic team of scientists and shipping experts offers a straightforward supply of information throughout the whole project until the arrival of the product at your facility. 

You Profit from Our Strength:

  • Direct contact: Our dedicated PhD radiochemists help you to find the most suitable approach for your tritium-labeling project and will keep an open communication throughout the whole project.  
  • Confidentiality: It is crucial to our team that we treat your information with absolute confidentiality. We are pleased to enter into a CDA with you to protect your interests.
  • Extensive expertise: We have a large portfolio of tritium-labeling methods including those using sophisticated tritide reagents of difficult access. Our labeling scientists are happy to find the most straightforward solution for your project. We invite you to profit from our consulting service and to contact us.
  • High-quality products: Our outstanding quality is well-known to our customers in industrial and academic research. It is our ambition to deliver the highest possible quality. 
  • Bulk quantities: We are able to carry out large scale labeling reactions (up to multi Ci quantities) at our facilities.
  • Short delivery times: Your product will be labeled within two to four weeks.
  • Competitive prices: Ask for a quotation, and we reply within one to two days. 
  • Worldwide shipping: We have a long experience in the world-wide shipping of radioactive products.

You Profit from Our High Quality Standards:

  • For yoursafety: All our manufactured tritium-labeled products are absolutely free of labile tritium. 
  • Choose between different purity levels: We can offer you HPLC-purified products with radiochemical purities of up to >99%. We also offer the purification by TLC, or you prefer the purification by yourself and we provide you with the crude product.  
  • Storage of H-3 or C-14 labelled compounds: We offer to store your compounds at low temperature (below -60 °C) in the dark. 
  • Project data storage at our on-site secure archive: Your digital data is saved at our in-house servers protected with state-of-the-art security software. 
  • Commitment to quality: We believe that the essence of our quality label is to target the highest possible quality rising beyond usual standards. If your research organization has a need for high quality tritium-labeled products, RC TRITEC will be pleased to offer you our guidance and excellence in tritium chemistry.  

That's why RC TRITEC is your labeling company.