Tritium Labeling Methods

RC TRITEC has collected a vast experience in a wide variety of tritium-labeling reactions. We will help you to efficiently find the most convenient method to achieve your specific goals and requirements.

For the majority of tritium-custom-labeling projects one of the following reaction types provides the desired requirements for your projects. Depending on the desired project requirements we will design an optimized and adapted approach to achieve the requested specifications. Virtually all known reactions for the labeling with tritium can be performed at our site, this also includes multistep reactions. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more. 


Tritium Labeling of Peptides 


Catalytic Dehalogenation


Catalytic Reduction of Unsaturated Bonds


Reductions with Tritide Reagents


Methylation: A Useful Tool to Achieve High Specific Activity


Direct Catalytic H/T Exchange