Complex organic molecules with several functional groups may require unusual and specific tritide reactants. The introduction of the label will occur at a predictable position with medium to high specific activity. The following scheme shows the huge variety of reagents available, which all have Lithium tritide (LiT) as their precursor. In order to achieve the highest specific activity possible, the reagents for each reaction are always freshly prepared in our laboratory using 99% tritium gas.

Various applications of these tritiated reducing reagents are illustrated in the following schemes. The specific activities usually range from 10 to 29 Ci/mmol (0.37 – 1.07 TBq/mmol) per tritium label. This is an excellent method for introducing a tritium label whenever high specific activity is required.

Reduction with Lithium Aluminum Tritide

Reduction with Lithium Triethylborotritide ("Supertritide")

Reduction with Lithium Borotritide

Reductive Amination using e.g. Sodium Triacetoxyborotritide